Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Baby crane update!

Hello all -

Here is a quick update on the baby crane that was hit and sent to a farm for recovery last August. We featured a blog post about her recovery last October, and today we have received more information about her new life from Patrick Comfert with Public Health-Madison and Dane County! Patrick's message and photos are below.

"The baby crane is not longer a baby. I am pretty sure that he is a SHE, and she is doing fine.

She is still on the farm, (most of the time) and has bonded quite closely with a single adult male crane that also lives on the farm.  He has a bad wing that will not let him migerate but he is able to fly short distances, hop the fences, go down to the marsh, etc. NOT the same crane that was her foster parent last fall. She is still friends with that crane but has switched her attentions to the other one for some reason. He is wilder and spends much more time in the fields foraging, only coming back to the farm to sleep and mooch  a meal from time to time. She is capable of full flight and often goes soaring out over the valley, and is sometimes gone for a day  or even two on some young crane adventure, but so far always comes back.

It would be neat if her relationship with our resident male blossomed and she struck up a pair bond with him. They have done some unison calling,  and dance together quite often, but I also know that young cranes date quite a few other cranes their first few years before they settle down for good, so he may just be a first crush."

The baby crane is on the right.  Her head is just starting to turn red.
Happy gardening!